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Grupo Insur is a comprehensive real estate management company located in Seville in 1945, listed since 1984, and our shares are currently listed on the Continuous Market. Our main activities are residential and tertiary development, wealth and business center management, and construction, and developments mainly in Andalusia and Madrid.

The principles that govern the behavior of our company in relation to our products, services and activities are: the satisfaction of our customers, differentiation in design, sustainability and efficiency, protection of the environment and , fundamentally, the safety and health of our workers.

To this end, the Company Management is committed to keeping an Integrated Quality, Environment, and Safety and Health at Work Management System implemented and updated, in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, where the guidelines for compliance with the following commitments are established:

  1. Compliance with legal and contractual requirements (qualities, delivery times, after-sales service, etc.), and other requirements identified in our Management System and in our processes, requirements for our activities.
  2. Continuous improvement of the processes identified in our organization for the effective realization of our activities, through:
    1. the analysis and measurement of said processes,
    2. analysis of customer satisfaction and suggestions,
    3. detection of improvement opportunities,
    4. the continuous training of the people who make up the company
    5. the provision of the material, human and technical means necessary to improve the performance of the Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work Management System.
  3. Protection of the environment and our environment, both in our offices and in each of our properties and projects that we develop, through:
    1. actions and measures aimed at preventing any type of contamination that our activities (segregation, control and management of waste, recycling, etc.) could cause, throughout the real estate value chain,
    2. innovation in the design of buildings, incorporating sustainable building techniques and energy efficiency, promoting the use of sustainable materials and creating responsible products,
    3. continuous improvement of the energy efficiency of company-owned property,
    4. specific training and awareness of all employees.
  4. Prevention of damage and deterioration of the health of workers in the performance of their work activity, through:
    1. the detection and evaluation of risk situations,
    2. planning the measures necessary to eliminate or reduce risks,
    3. the information, training and consultation of workers.

These commitments are the basic pillars for the fulfillment of our Policy, and constitute the frame of reference for the annual establishment of the Objectives of Quality, Environment and Prevention of Labor Risks by the Management. For its fulfillment, it is essential that the people who make up the organization, as well as our suppliers and collaborators, know and understand it, so that the Management is committed to its communication and dissemination to all interested parties, and to the general public. Likewise, you agree to keep it updated in accordance with new circumstances that may affect our activities.

Quality, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention Policy approved by the Board of Directors on November 29, 2019.